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Easy Rent
...as low as RM13 per month...
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Rental Rate Goes Down Every Year
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No Strings Attached After 3 Months
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1 to 1 Replacement If Not Working
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Free Cartridge Every 12 Months
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No Other Cost
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Low Upfront Payment
EASY AS 1, 2, 3
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1. Sign up
Apply online &
select your product
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2. Set Up
Agree. Pay. Medklinn approval
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3. Enjoy
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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if my product is faulty?

We are passionate about our unique service offering. We want you to experience healthier living spaces with our products throughout the term with us. If your product is faulty, give us a call and we will replace it.

How do I know if the product works?

When the unit is turned on, there will be a hissing sound and purple glow at the cartridge. Another way to determine if the unit works is by placing it in a room that has unpleasant smells for a few days. The smell shall be reduced gradually as you turn it on 24/7.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We offer free delivery!

How do I rent?

To rent, just select your preferred product and checkout. The product will be shipped out upon Medklinn's approval.

How soon can I have my product(s)?

In most cases, we’ll approve your application within 3 business days. Upon approval, we can usually arrange next day delivery.

Rental Agreement

Is there a deposit or upfront required?

Yes. Only 2-months' security deposit and 3-months advance are required.

What is the minimum rental period?

Renter must agree to a minimum 3 months' rental period.

How do I make payments?

Making payments is easy. After you complete the online application form, you will be directed to select the product to rent. After which, you will have to insert your credit card details. The monthly recurring payments will be charged to your credit card.

Can I terminate my Rental?

Yes, you can terminate anytime after the first 3 months' rental.

How do I terminate?

Step 1: Submit your termination request at https://bit.ly/2P66n4u
Step 2: Return the product to us
Step 3: Medklinn will validate the submission and returned product. Upon successful verification, Medklinn will send an email to you. 
Step 4: Sit back and wait for your refund. Refund will take 3 - 4 working weeks.


How do I pay?

The monthly recurring payment will be charged automatically on the credit card you provided upon checkout.

Will I receive any notification for the monthly recurring payment?

Yes, an email notification will be sent to you.

When will the first recurring payment start?

The first recurring payment will start on the 4th month.
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